Google+ passed the ten million users threshold, what does that mean?

There’s no official information but according to estimates made by third parties today Google+, the new social network launched by Google, has passed the ten million users threshold. What does this mean?

Twitter has about three hundred million users, Facebook has recently announced that it passed the seven hundred and fifty million users threshold. In comparison the ten million Google+ users are very few. Of course what’s impressing isn’t the number but the fact that so many users have registered to this new social network in just a few days.

Actually Google has greatly slowed the ability for users to register to Google+ to be able to test its functionality first with a small number of people and then gradually opening the registration to others. Personally, after receiving an invite I had to try for almost a week before Google+ allowed me to proceed with the registration.

In essence if Google hadn’t closed the doors of its social network a number of times it may have already had more than ten million users a week ago if not even before. In fact now that the limits to the registrations are almost gone it’s estimated that over the weekend the number of users will be doubled.

Is the Google brand enough for such a success or is there something else? Certainly Google’s name is so important to ensure a certain curiosity about every new business initiative however Google+ was born after previous attempts in the social field were essentially failed.

Google+ seems to have taken some positive elements of Facebook and Twitter allowing users to write, share and comment on posts in a simple manner and to organize their contacts in circles. Integration with other Google services, which can be used entering their account just once, helps. Certainly that’s not enough to defeat its competitors but it’s a good start and several innovations that will be implemented soon have already been announced.

For now Google+ success is due to the fact that if you’re in it you’re cool. Obviously this is something that has a significance only in the launch phase but at this rate by the end of this month the one hundred million users threshold may already get passed. At that point Google+ users will be enough to really make it a competitor to Facebook and Twitter.

Will there be a reaction, particularly from Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg’s social network adds and changes its features continuously and that’s not necessarily positive since eventually it’s up to its users to test them suffering the discomfort of the problems that arise. Now its users may hope that Google+ success brings Facebook at least to eliminate malfunctions that sometimes involve one or more of the social network’s features more quickly. It would be further proof that competition benefits users.

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