This weekend the Euroleague 2012/2013 Final Four

This weekend London is hosting the basketball Euroleague 2012/2013 Final Four. On Friday, May 10 there will be the semifinals and on Sunday, May 12 there will be the Finals. Let’s see which teams will be the protagonists.

CSKA Moscow

At this point I think it’s the favorite team to win the Euroleague. Ettore Messina is back as the team’s coach also to avoid bitter disappointment such as that the one suffered in the last year’s final, lost after having a large advantage. The semifinal against Olympiacos Piraeus should serve to avenge that defeat but it’s important that players are focused on winning as a step to reach the final.

Olympiacos Piraeus

It’s the defending champion team but for the Greeks it will be really difficult to repeat. Last season the players started giving their best from the quarter-finals, this season instead they played a great regular season but in the later rounds they gave the bare minimum. Their great possibilities there are still there but I in my opinion they won’t be able to defeat CSKA again.

Regal FC Barcelona

The Catalan team should be the first alternative to CSKA to win the Euroleague but after having lost only two games between the regular season and the Top 16 they struggled in the quarter-finals winning the series in five games. Probably they will reach the final but the semifinals between two teams from the same country are extremely tiring both physically and mentally so I think that the team will lose the final.

Real Madrid

The team reached its second Final Four in three years and won the quarter-finals in three games becoming the first team to get through the round. The rivalry with Barcelona is very strong so beating their arch-rivals to reach the Euroleague final would be a huge satisfaction. This type of games is really hard to predict so it wouldn’t be very surprising if Real Madrid won the semifinal but in that case I think it would lose the final.

In the Final Four’s do-or-die games we’ll see which players and coaches will be the best under the great pressure of playing for the Euroleague title. Inevitably there will be more competitive spirit that technical finesse but there will certainly be many emotions!

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