Google announced Project Brillo, an operating system for the Internet of Things

Google web page about Brillo
Google web page about Brillo

At Google I/O, as expected, there was the announcement of Project Brillo, the operating system for the Internet of Things. Google also announced Weave, a protocol that will serve as the standard language for the various devices to communicate with each other. This project is derived from Android but in a version stripped of various components to operate with minimum requirements while maintaining the support to essential services such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Google had already presented a version of Android for home automation called Android@Home in 2011 but was put aside before having real applications. Now Google tries again, certainly after studying the best way to bring Android to various  very low cost devices with very limited consumption choosing a different name.

According to plans, Brillo will be available in the third quarter of 2015 in a test version for developers. Weave, which will work with Brillo but allow being used with other platforms, will be released to developers in the fourth quarter of 2015. Weave will be integrated into Android and along with Brillo will be integrated in the technologies of Nest Labs, the home automation company bought by Google at the beginning of 2014.

In recent years we’ve been getting used to living in a society that is increasingly connected with the spread of increasingly faster Internet connections and portable devices. With the Internet of Things these connections will reach another level with the possibility to also connect equipment of a different type such as household appliances.

The applications in the field of home automation will be increasingly important but the Internet of Things goes far beyond them. At Google I/O, during the presentation of Brillo, Weave and other company news, the example was made of a farm at least partially automated in which a person can control the machines via a smartphone.

The potential of the Internet of Things is huge and over the next decades its impact could be the same the current Internet had in the last 20 years. All major technology companies are somehow working to be ready for the new revolution. With the project Brillo and Weave, Google is already trying to become a point of reference.

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