Rafael Nadal wins Roland Garros 2017

Rafael Nadal champion at the French Open 2006
Rafael Nadal champion at the French Open 2006

Rafael Nadal (photo ©Sylvain WEBER) has won the Roland Garros 2017 title defeating Stan Wawrinka in the final 6-2 6-3 6-1. For the Spanish champion it’s the “Decima”, the tenth title of the French tournament, another piece of the legend of the man who on clay is the greatest player of all time.

The chronicle of the match is all too simple because there was a start where both players tried to find the measure of their shots but when Rafael Nadal found it there was virtually no more story. Stan Wawrinka won the Roland Garros title in 2015 and won all the three Great Slam tournament finals he reached in the past but today for him there really was no hope despite his attempts to contain his opponent.

After the physical difficulties of the recent years, Rafael Nadal really seems to be again the player who, when he’s healthy, on clay is almost invincible. This year only Dominic Thiem defeated him on this surface, in the Rome tournament, but in Paris the Spaniard easily defeated him in three sets.

After the “Decima” of Monte Carlo and Barcelona, ​​today Rafael Nadal the most prestigious one arrived in Paris in the Grand Slam tournament in which the Spanish champion won his first titles. Now 10 of his 15 Grand Slam titles have been won at Roland Garros and, together with all the others he won on clay, make him the greatest of all time on this surface.

In this era of professionalism where all players try to find an edge over their opponents and at any time the balance can change it’s all the more amazing that a player can win so much and for so long on a surface. Even in this edition of the French tournament Rafael Nadal showed his desire to win putting of all the past problems behind him.

After the match, Rafael Nadal seemed more emotional than after his first victory and that’s a moment when we can see the passion and inner strength that led him to win so much and to work hard to come back. If he had decided that his physical problems were too serious and he had retired, he would have done it as a legend, instead he came back and won another title at the French Open.

Today more than ever Rafael Nadal marked the history of tennis and not just on clay. In a strange season in which there are many uncertainties for various players, the Spanish champion is one of the few who showed consistency. It’s hard to say what he can do in the rest of the season but what he did in these two weeks is enough to add another piece to his legend.

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