Celularity has received $250 million in funding to develop longevity treatments

Peter Diamandis and Bob Hariri (Photo courtesy Elizabeth Lippman / Celularity. All rights reserved)
Peter Diamandis and Bob Hariri (Photo courtesy Elizabeth Lippman / Celularity. All rights reserved)

Celularity, a biotechnology company specializing in the development of tissue regeneration solutions thanks to the allogeneic transplantation of stem cells, stated it received $250 million in funding. The company founded in September 2017 by Bob Hariri, also its CEO, and Peter Diamandis, received funding from pharmaceutical companies such as Celgene and Sorrento Therapeutics, from the biotechnology sector such as United Therapeutics Corporation and by Human Longevity Inc., another research company in the field of longevity with the same two founders.

Recent developments in biotechnology led to the emergence of many new companies, and stem cell research are increasing but they’ve also been at the center of controversy. Embryonic stem cells showed greater versatility but the George W. Bush administration severely limited research on them so American companies focused their efforts on stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord and placenta.

The preservation of umbilical cord and placenta in special banks is spreading and Celularity is one of the companies founded to develop biotechnologies that can exploit the stem cells obtained from them to obtain health improvements. According to the company, a placenta left over from a healthy birth can generate over 100,000 medical treatments and the transplantation of that type of stem cells is already at the base of therapies for over 80 diseases such as leukemia, lymphomas and myelomas.

LifebankUSA is one of the banks that conserve blood and umbilical and placental cord tissue founded in 1998 by Bob Hariri, who at the time was already involved in biotechnology. The company offers preservation services from which it derives profits and accepts donations for public use, from which it makes no profits.

The tissue allow to create products that have the purpose of stimulating the body’s regenerative processes and from this point of view Celularity signed agreements with partners such as Alliqua BioMedical, another company in that sector. A Celularity goal is to create solutions that can be available at low costs, so that anyone can access them.

Possible longevity treatments are a long-term goal for Celularity. About that, Peter Diamandis explained that the company’s vision is to make 100 years the new 60, giving people the opportunity to reach ages that today are extraordinary at the highest cognitive levels, mobility with an eye to aesthetics as well.

Longevity initiatives have been multiplying in recent years thanks to developments in biotechnology. That goal is attracting support not only from companies in the pharmaceutical field and for example in 2013 Google founded Calico to carry out research in this field. New cures for various diseases and new treatments to improve the elderly’s physical and mental state of are slowly bringing us closer to the real possibility that reaching 100 years will become normal.

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