January 2019

The short story “Earthrise” by Lavie Tidhar was published for the first time in 2012.

Sandoval is an artist whose life is wrapped in a number of legends and rumors often impossible to verify. He gained a reputation as a rebel when he got rid of the node that allowed him to remain immersed in the Conversation and managed to erase the information available about him. It0s said that it was obsessed with the Earthrise image.

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

The novel “Annihilation” by Jeff VanderMeer was published for the first time in 2014. It won the Nebula and Shirley Jackson Awards for best novel of the year. It’s the first book of the Southern Reach trilogy.

A biologist, an anthropologist, a surveyor and a psychologist are the 12th expedition into Area X. After the dramatic results of the previous expeditions, the four scientists hope to finally get a success in understanding the transformations that occurred in that area and the others strange phenomena that happen and that changed members of previous expeditions as well.

The four women have the minimum knowledge of each other needed to the expedition, linked to their respective skills. During their exploration they discover what the biologist calls a tower that doesn’t rise into the sky but sinks into the ground. In their exploration they will be forced to face not only the weirdness of Area X but also their inner problems.

Eretmorhipis carrolldongi is a marine reptile that lived about 250 million years ago and had some similarities with the platypus

An article published in the journal “Scientific Reports” reports the discovery of two new specimens of Eretmorhipis carrolldongi, a marine reptile that lived about 250 million years ago, in the Early Triassic period, in today’s China. A team of researchers studied these new specimens with particular interest because of the previous ones one had its skull but it was in a poor state of conservation and the other one had no skull. The new specimens show that this reptile had similarities with modern platypuses, with a sort of bill of cartilage and receptors that allowed it to hunt based on touch.

Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) and Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) in New Eden (Image courtesy CBS / Netflix. All rights reserved)

“New Eden” is the 2nd episode of the 2nd season of the TV show “Star Trek: Discovery” and follows “Brother”.

Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) finds out what really happened to Spock from Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) but there’s no time to think about her family’s problems because a new signal is detected. Given the distance of the source, Pike gives permission to use the spore drive and upon arrival a radio signal is detected from a human colony that appears to be about 200 years old.

The Eyeless by Lance Parkin

The novel “The Eyeless” by Lance Parkin was published for the first time in 2008.

The Tenth Doctor is intrigued by the Fortress in the ruins of the city of Arcopolis, a terrible weapon that devastated the planet killing its population. The Fortress is still potentially lethal and the Doctor intends to deactivate it but when he arrives on the planet he soon discovers that it’s not completely uninhabited when he stumbles into some kids and a ghost.

Some people survived the devastation caused by the Fortress and decided to rebuild their world but to do so they must have as many children as possible despite the difficult conditions. Their hopes become linked to the Doctor’s success, made more difficult by the appearance of the Eyeless, what do they want with the Fortress?