March 2021

Blackfish City by Sam J. Miller

The novel “Blackfish City” by Sam J. Miller was published for the first time in 2018. It won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Novel of the Year.

When the orcamancer arrives in Qaanaaq in a skiff pulled by an orca and with a polar bear on a leash, she becomes the center of attention of the entire city population. Like so many other families, hers got dispersed following the climate wars and a trace led her to what is considered one of the last bulwarks of civilization.

Among the topics of the discussions about the orcamancer, there are the old stories about a technology that allowed to create a mental bond between a person and an animal. In a city afflicted with various problems including the new disease known as the breaks, an event such as the arrival of the woman generates further chaos.

The Homo erectus known as Java Man

An article published in the journal “Nature Ecology & Evolution” reports a genetic study on populations of Island Southeast Asia that shows the presence in their DNA of genes inherited from the Denisovans, another human species now extinct, but no trace of interbreedings with other hominins of which there are fossils. A team of researchers led by Dr João Teixeira of the Australian University of Adelaide examined the DNA of 426 people from 10 different populations looking for possible traces of interbreedings with so-called super-archaic populations but without results.

The Showstoppers by Jonathan Cooper

The novel “The Showstoppers” by Jonathan Cooper was published for the first time in 2016.

Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart has a lot to think about, and that certainly doesn’t include a new TV show. He would never have said that his military career would include a level of bureaucracy like the one he has been facing lately and he hopes changes for the better will come soon. When he meets a former comrade who works as a stuntman for television and talks to him about strange events connected to actor Aubrey Mondegreene, the issue seems a distraction, but he and Anne Travers realize that something strange is indeed happening.

Harold Chorley is trying to understand why he has completely forgotten what happened to him over the course of many days and is convinced that Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart is behind his problem. When he tries to get information, he instead ends up embroiled in a strange conspiracy story.

Sunlight by Kristian Joseph

The novel “Sunlight” by Kristian Joseph was published for the first time in 2020. It’s the first book in the Titans, Cranes & Monsters’ Games series.

The city of Sovereign is at the center of open clashes and behind-the-scenes intrigues that ultimately lead to chaos with riots and killings. Betrayals, deceptions, and secrets are the norm, especially if the mysterious Ministry of Man is involved. It’s a situation where trusting someone is a risk. Few seem to have any way of resisting without succumbing.

Sam Royle thinks his parents were traitors but what is the truth about the secret tech development program they were running that seems stuck without them? Some think that Sam is the key to bringing the program called Titan to its conclusion with important consequences for the future.

Al Kelly

During a Fortune’s Leadership Next podcast, Visa CEO Al Kelly announced the company’s intention to support Bitcoin payments. The plan is to make it possible to buy Bitcoin using Visa credentials and work with Bitcoin wallets to allow this cryptocurrency to be converted into a regular currency, the type called fiat in jargon, to be used wherever a Visa credit card is accepted. Al Kelly’s statements come a few weeks after an announcement by Mastercard that it intends to include cryptocurrencies in its payment network.