Elon Musk managed to buy Twitter

Elon Musk with the sink (Image courtesy Elon Musk)
Elon Musk with the sink (Image courtesy Elon Musk)

In the end, Elon Musk managed to buy Twitter! After what had become a clash with the social network’s executives that led Musk to blow the deal last July, the deal was completed. The first act as owner was to fire several executives, starting with CEO Parag Agrawal. Last Wednesday, Musk walked into the San Francisco office with a sink joking about the pun between the English word sink and his statement “Let that sink in!”.

There have been about 6 months of announcements and clashes, in the courts and outside, between Elon Musk and the now former Twitter executives, especially on the numbers regarding bots and spammers on the social network. The situation was difficult to decipher for everything around a $44 billion deal. Musk’s project promises many changes for Twitter and only with time will we fully get to know it.

It looked like the matter was going to be settled in a court of law but clearly, something happened behind the scenes. Elon Musk’s in Twitter’s offices with a sink could have seemed just a gimmick to make a little show and bring the fight back to the front page but obviously, there was much more.

It was certainly no mystery that Elon Musk had different ideas on Twitter’s management from its executives but firing the social network’s top management is a resounding move. It may just be the first step, as rumors are reporting his willingness to lay off the majority of employees en masse.

Musk himself will be the CEO, at least on an interim basis, in place of Parag Agrawal, who remained in office for nearly a year after the departure of Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey. On his Twitter profile, Musk has given himself the title of “Chief Twit”. He will likely appoint a trusted CEO when the situation gets stabilized according to his wishes.

In short, Elon Musk immediately starts showing his mark on Twitter. From the beginning of his attempts to buy the social network he talked about various changes and started with its executives. Whatever you think about him, you can grab your popcorn and watch what will be a hell of a show!

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