An article published in the journal “Nature Communications” describes a way to activate the superconducting properties of graphene. A team of researchers from St John’s College at Cambridge University found a way to activate those properties that exist as potential but had remained hidden. The most interesting thing is that graphene can become a superconductor at room temperature.

The Gigafactory (Photo courtesy Tesla Motors. All rights reserved)

Tesla Motors announced that its Gigafactory started its operations. It’s the huge factory of lithium-ion battery cells to be used for the batteries of electric cars produced by the company and its power storage products. This is just the beginning for the company founded by Elon Musk because the Gigafactory is active only in part but can already take advantage of the agreement signed with Panasonic.

Dan Tamayo (Photo courtesy Ken Jones)

An article published in “The Astrophysical Journal Letters” describes the development and the application of machine learning algorithms to verify the stability of planetary systems. A team of researchers at the University of Toronto Scarborough led by Dan Tamayo experimented this new approach to this type of astronomical research by creating a method a thousand times faster than conventional ones.