Rafael Nadal has won the Roland Garros 2017 title defeating Stan Wawrinka in the final 6-2 6-3 6-1. For the Spanish champion it’s the “Decima”, the tenth title of the French tournament, another piece of the legend of the man who on clay is the greatest player of all time.

The Japanese telecommunications holding company SoftBank Group Corp. has announced that it has reached an agreement with Alphabet Inc., the holding company Google is part of, to buy the robots producers Boston Dynamics and Schaft for a figure that hasn’t been disclosed. Google bought the two companies in December 2013 as part of a series of acquisitions in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence but something didn’t go well in its plans, which have been modified.

Jebel Irhoud skull's tomographic reconstruction (Image Philipp Gunz, MPI EVA Leipzig)

Two articles published in the journal “Nature” describe different aspects of a study on various fossil bones including a skull and a jaw uncovered at a site in Jebel Irhoud, Morocco. Several researchers led by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, studied the bones but also the remains of animals found with them to conclude that those were Homo sapiens of about 300,000 years ago, more than 100,000 years older than the most ancient Homo sapiens fossils so far known.

The tumor board at Jupiter Medical Center in Florida (Photo courtesy EPIC Creative)

The ASCO 2017, the annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), new data were presented regarding the experimentation of Watson for Oncology, the version of IBM’s cognitive computing system trained to recognize the symptoms of various forms of cancer and suggest a therapy. Developed within the Watson Health business unit, it showed a level of agreement with human doctors that reached 96% in cases of lung cancer.

Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

The novel “Blue Mars” by Kim Stanley Robinson was published for the first time in 1996. It won the Hugo and Locus Awards. It’s the third novel in the Mars trilogy and follows “Green Mars”.

Over a century after the arrival of the first human expedition to Mars, terraforming operations caused enormous changes to what used to be the red planet. Water is in its liquid state on the surface forming seas and rivers. On Earth, however, water has become a major issue following climate changes.

The relationship between Earth and Mars remains tense and the treaty between the two planets marks a difficult peace. Immigration from the Earth keeps on growing and represents another reason for conflict among the Martian factions. There are still those who oppose terraforming and consider the Earthlings as invaders that must be stopped.