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Glass Enterprise Edition (Image courtesy Google)

During this week a new launch of the augmented reality glasses originally called Google Glass. Announced for the first time in April 2012, after a test phase they seemed to be one of the biggest flops in the field of technology. The new version, however, is called the Glass Enterprise Edition, in fact it’s a business product that can be useful in environments where information is sought while your hands are busy without interrupting your work can be a big help.

Certain statements by Robert Scoble, one of the Explorers, meaning one of the participants in Google’s limited program which gave the opportunity to buy the first version of the Google Glass, made people talk again of this product. According to Scoble, at least for this year they will be a success.

In April 2012, Google introduced Google Glass, augmented reality glasses. Now the time arrived to open the pre-orders for the first commercial version called Explorer Edition, at the cost already planned of $1,500. For common users it will take a long time before they can buy them, howver there’s the possibility to become an Explorer, meaning being part of a group of “pioneers” who will participate in the Google Glass launch events in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Google's Project Glass augmented reality glasses (photo courtesy of Google. Unauthorized use is not permitted)

Yesterday, Google announced Project Glass, which has the purpose of creating glasses that can provide an augmented reality. These glasses, at least in the prototype shown by Google, are composed of a frame similar to the one of ordinary glasses with a display near the right eye. An operating system sends real-time various information to the users depending on what they’re doing.