Google announces Project Glass to create augmented reality glasses

Google's Project Glass augmented reality glasses (photo courtesy of Google. Unauthorized use is not permitted)
Google's Project Glass augmented reality glasses (photo courtesy of Google. Unauthorized use is not permitted)

Yesterday, Google announced Project Glass, which has the purpose of creating glasses that can provide an augmented reality. This is a prototype device under test, therefore don’t expect to be able to buy them tomorrow.

These glasses, at least in the prototype shown by Google, are composed of a frame similar to the one of ordinary glasses with a display near the right eye. An operating system sends real-time various information to the users depending on what they’re doing.

For example, in a normal day you wake up and you can instantly see e-mails and SMSs received and also answer messages through voice control.

When leaving home, the user receives information about the availability of a subway line and possible alternative routes. Entered a library, he can view a map of the store and find the music section. He can even find out his friend’s location if this information is available.

Google Maps and the new service Indoor allow moving in the real world without the need for a GPS navigator or other devices to hold in your hands. Users can have all the information they need in front of their right eye through the display of these special glasses.

With the possibility of parlia voice interaction, you can handle tasks on the Internet such as posting pictures, making video calls and more.

Google decided to make Project Glass public creating a special page on its social network Google+ to ask its users to share their opinions and their ideas about it.

Clearly, the idea for Google is to start creating some “hype” for these augmented reality glasses starting from now but also to understand what users want from this type of technology. In the next phase, these glasses could be much more sophisticated and it’s easy to think that when they’re finally available for sale they’ll be an instant success.

However, these glasses are just the first step towards a real integration of augmented reality in our daily lives. In fact, there are already some projects for the creation of augmented reality contact lenses and at this rate don’t be surprised if in a few years you’ll hear about real projects about neural implants that will allow us to receive information directly into our brains.

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