Doctor Who - The Tenth Planet

“The Tenth Planet” is an adventure of the fourth season of “Doctor Who” classic series, which aired in 1966. It’s a four parts adventure written by Kit Pedler e Gerry Davis and directed by Derek Martinus.

The Tardis materializes in the Earth’s south pole in 1986. The First Doctor (William Hartnell), Ben (Michael Craze) and Polly (Anneke Wills) are arrested by the guards of Snowcap base, which among other things is a control center for space missions and is handling the contacts with a spacecraft in orbit. A series of strange observations worry the mission managers but that’s nothing compared to the discovery that an unknown planet is approaching the Earth.

The Doctor reveals that the mysterious planet is called Mondas and that its inhabitants will come soon to Earth but is not believed. While the spacecraft in orbit suffers a loss of energy, Snowcap base is attacked by three Cybermen, Mondas’ inhabitants who over time have replaced more and more of their bodies’ organic parts becoming cyborgs. The Cybermen want to bring the Earthlings to Mondas and make them become like them.

Doctor Who - Frontios

“Frontios” is an adventure of the twentyfirst season of “Doctor Who” classic series, which aired in 1984. It follows “The Awakening” and it’s a four parts adventure written by Christopher Bidmead and directed by Ron Jones.

The Tardis brings the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), Tegan (Janet Fielding) and Turlough (Mark Strickson) to a very far future, on the planet Frontios. There, what could be the last group of living human beings struggle to survive to what appear to be attacks from the sky.

The young Plantagenet inherited the colony command from his father but has no way to counter the meteor showers that regularly fall on Frontios. The Doctor shouldn’t interfere with the events but decides to help rescue the wounded settlers after one of these showers. Those are not just rocks falling on the planet because during one of these events the Tardis is destroyed.

Doctor Who - The Masque of Mandragora

“The Masque of Mandragora” is the first adventure of the fourteenth season of “Doctor Who” classic series, which aired in 1976. It follows “The Seeds of Doom” and it’s a four parts adventure written by Louis Marks and directed by Rodney Bennett.

The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) is showing Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) various rooms inside the Tardis and at some point they reach its secondary control room. The Doctor activates the screen and see that there’s a living energy vortex, known as Mandragora Helix. The Tardis travels through it and when eventually rematerializes and lands, it brings a fragment along with it.

The Duke of San Martino is dying and passes away exactly in the day that the astrologer Hieronymous predicted. His son Giuliano becomes the new Duke but doesn’t believe in superstitions and in fact there’s a plot carried out by Hieronymous together with Count Federico to take over the city. The arrival of the Doctor and Sarah Jane, who unknowingly carry a fragment of alien energy, makes the situation even more dangerous.

Doctor Who - Colony in Space

“Colony in Space” is an adventure of the eigth season of “Doctor Who” classic series, which aired in 1971. It follows “The Claws of Axos” and it’s a six parts adventure written by Malcolm Hulke and directed by Michael Briant.

The story

Three Time Lords meet to discuss the theft of confidential files about a very powerful weapon. They’re forced to admit that the only person capable of handling such a situation is the Doctor but the mission requires a trip in space and in another time so they have to temporarily suspend his exile to Earth.

The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) is working on the Tardis when it actives and dematerializes carrying the Doctor and Jo Grant (Katy Manning), who had entered it, on the planet Uxarieus in the 25th century. The Doctor realizes that the Time Lord controlled the Tardis remotely and must understand why they sent him to what looks like a small human colony.

Doctor Who - The Reign of Terror

“The Reign of Terror” is the last adventure of the first season of “Doctor Who” classic series, which aired in 1964 featuring the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan. It follows “The Sensorites” and it’s a six parts adventure written by Dennis Spooner and directed by Henric Hirsch.

The First Doctor (William Hartnell), Susan (Carole Ann Ford), Ian (William Russell) and Barbara (Jacqueline Hill) arrive on Earth. They hoped to be back in London in the present of the two teachers, but after a brief exploration, they realize to be in France at the time of the infamous reign of terror.

The contact with local leads to separation of the Doctor from the rest of the group. Ian, Barbara and Susan are mistaken for counter-revolutionaries and taken to Paris, where they are imprisoned. If they can’t quickly find a way to escape from the prison they’ll be guillotined!