140 years ago Rome became Italy’s Capital City

It’s not my intention to write a patriottic article, certainly not a political one but whatever you think the capture of Rome was a fundamental event in Italy’s modern history.

On September 20, 1870 the Italian army open a breach near Porta Pia and conquered Rome. Technically the capital city was moved to Rome under a bureaucratic point of view in 1871 but symbolically it began the capital city on the moment it was conquered because that was the end of Italy’s reunification and not with any city but with the one that, whatever you think, is the most prestigious Italian city and one of the most prestigious cities in the world.

Rome’s history is in fact indissolubly linked to the splendour started with the ancient Roman kingdom, a history that’s been going on for more than twentyseven centuries.: it would be pointless to dwell on the city’s historical and artistical treasures as innumerable essays have been written about those subjects and any summary would cover them only slightly, as a matter of fact today you can still dig in any point of the city and find archeological relics from one of the many past Rome’s periods.

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