Ex referee Byron Moreno arrested for drug dealing

Byron Moreno even today is probably one of the most hated persons among Italian football (soccer if you’re American) fans after the World Cup 2002 match Italy – Korea Republic, when Moreno didn’t give Italy a regular goal and ejected Totti, decisions that helped Italy’s defeat.

Obviosly Italians accused Moreno of corruption but every investigation about the subject led to nothing. Moreno was labelled as incompetent for life anyway in Italy but this gave him some fame in Ecuador, his country. You have to recognize him the courage he had in coming to Italy to show up in a couple of TV shows where of course he was taunted but also insulted and even thrown eggs at.

Moreno’s name was never totally forgotten in Italy, where media followed his attempt to start a political career, soon ended when he wasn’t elected despite his slogan “Red card against corruption”.

Moreno’s career as a referee ended as well: clearly the accusations of incompetency weren’t just due to Italians disappointment because in Ecuador football championship when he was the referee of a match there were many red cards and after some time Ecuador football federation decided that his protagonism was unacceptable and suspended him for life.

Today news arrives about Byron Moren being busted at New York JFK airport for possession of six kilograms of heroin hidden in his underwear and arrested. Considering that we’re talking about the airport that maybe has the tightest checks in the world you wonder how he thought he could get away with it.

In the USA the laws about drug dealing are rightly harsh: according to rumors Moreno could be sentenced to ten years in prison but obviously during the trial the circumstances of the case will have to be examined.

Among Italian fans surely someone will see this event as a sort of revenge, certainly it makes you think about Byron Moreno reliability as a person.

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