The Walking Dead will have a spinoff

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman at Comic Con 2013
The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman at Comic Con 2013

The television channel AMC, which broadcasts the TV show “The Walking Dead”, has announced the start of the production of a spinoff titled “Spread the Dead”. Robert Kirkman (photo ©Gage Skidmore), the creator of the comic book “The Walking Dead” from which the TV show was adapted, will be the executive producer of the spinoff together with Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Alpert.

The President of AMC Charlie Collier hasn’t given much information obout “Spread the Dead”, merely stating his enthusiasm for the opportunity to create another show set in the same fictional universe of “The Walking Dead”. In fact, it was only said that the story will be completely separate, with other characters struggling to survive in another place.

Robert Kirkman added that “Spread the Dead” isn’t even to the events of the comic books either. This must taken into account because they tell a story a bit different from the one later adapted into the TV show. In short, the two shows will be shared only the zombie apocalypse, which is the basic element that determined the success of “The Walking Dead”.

“Spread the Dead” is now in the initial phase of production and according to AMC schedule will air in 2015. Is this a commercial operation? Of course! “The Walking Dead” is the series leader in television ranking among adults 18-49. The audience continues to be very high and even tends to rise though the frenetic pace of the first season inevitably slowed down with an increase in episodes in subsequent seasons. In such a situation it was almost inevitable that they produced a spinoff. Charlie Collier has admitted joking about the fact that it was a no-brainer.

As the story of “Spread the Dead” will be completely new, we can expect that in the next two years we’ll be slowly provided news about it, its characters and the casting. Despite the success of “The Walking Dead” to ensure curiosity about its spinoff, adding a little hype wo’t hurt.

While waiting for “Spread the Dead”, the fourth season of “The Walking Dead” will begin in the U.S.A. on October 13.

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