AMC orders a pilot for The Walking Dead spinoff

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman at Comic Con 2013
The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman at Comic Con 2013

About a year after the announcement of the production of a spinoff for “The Walking Dead”, the AMC television channel, which broadcasts the show, has ordered the production of a pilot episode. Robert Kirkman (photo ©Gage Skidmore), the creator of “The Walking Dead” comic books from which TV show was adapted, will be the spinoff’s executive produces along with Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Alpert. Dave Erickson, already in the production team of shows such as “Sons of Anarchy” was chosen as the showrunner.

Last year, the title “Spread the Dead” was announced for the spinoff, the new statement don’t mention a title so it’s possible that another one will be chosen. Technically, this new series isn’t even a spinoff of “The Walking Dead” because the characters are all different. However, in some statement, Robert Kirkman himself has used the term spinoff, probably because it’s immediately understandable to anyybody.

The new show, which can be defined companion show or sibling show of “The Walking Dead”, will still be set in the same fictional post-zombie apocalypse universe. The president of AMC Charlie Collier stated that the question he gets asked most often is about what happened in the rest of the world after that apocalypse. For this reason, it was decided to create this new series set in a place not yet precised but different from Georgia.

Robert Kirkman stated that there are many corners in the universe of “The Walking Dead” that remain in the shadows. The new show will shed light on some of those corners. Charlie Collier stated that they intend to proceed with great caution in its production to ensure fans to have something really compelling, engaging and distinct.

Eventually, after a year they told us yet very little of this new show! There are many statements of enthusiasm for this project but very little solid information. We can only hope that behind them there are interesting ideas and they’ll not just exploit the success of “The Walking Dead”.

If all goes as planned, the new show will be broadcast in 2015 so the true “hype” will probably start when final decisions will be taken to tease the potential audience. While waiting for this new show, the fifth season of “The Walking Dead” will debut on October 12 in the USA.

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