Split between YouTube and Google+ announced

Bradley Horowitz with his wife Irene Au
Bradley Horowitz with his wife Irene Au

Bradley Horowitz (photo ©Joi), the Google executive who’s been in charge of Google+ and some newly separate services such as Photos for some months, announced a split between Google+ and YouTube. For a long time it was necessary to create a profile on the social network to gain access to other Google services and this went against many users’ wishes. Eventually, the company decided to change things by eliminating this need with the result that YouTube will be a well-separated service but this news will require a bit of time.

Since its birth, Google has been at the center of Google’s ecosystem, tied very closely to the other company’s services. In the case of YouTube, the idea was to use Google+ for the social side of the video and comments management but not everyone appreciated this link. The controversy around the social network, loved by those who use it regularly and considered a ghost town by people used to Facebook’s style, hasn’t helped.

A big problem emerged as a result of the link between Google+ and YouTube is that the social side is only in the former’s stream. Instead, the latter’s home page only shows a list of videos from the channels the user subscribed to and another list of recommended videos.

YouTube also announced some changes in its service with improvements to the comments’ management. However, the split between Google+ and YouTube offers above all an opportunity to turn the latter into a real video-oriented social network. This would allow content creators – in slang youtubers – to promote them within the site interacting in what could be similar to the Google+ stream within YouTube.

In his announcement, Bradley Horowitz mentioned a Google+ experience more focused around the users’ shared interests. Communities and Collections are supposed to be the crucial elements of the social network along with a cleaner that will be stream without the presence of comments to YouTube videos.

This change will be carried out over the next few months so the users have been warned not to remove for the moment their profile on Google+ because it’s still linked to YouTube. Personally I hope above all that the new ideas will lead fairly quickly to a new stability because lately they are making many changes. If Eventually the various Google services will be developed independently that’s good for me, upsetting everything all the time would bring more damage than improvements.

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