Big Bang Larissa by Cristian M. Teodorescu

Big Bang Larissa and Case 74 by Cristian M. Teodorescu
Big Bang Larissa and Case 74 by Cristian M. Teodorescu

The short story “Big Bang Larissa” by Cristian M. Teodorescu was published for the first time in 2014. It was translated from Romenian by Loredana Fratila Cristescu.

Larissa is twenty years and starts asking her mom questions about the nature and origin of money. Her mother doesn’t want to give her only ritual commandments and answers based on various rules and tries to explain how Accounting, Mint and other elements of Finance work but her daughter’s curiosity threatens to trigger a crisis.

Sometimes Wall Street is described as the temple of world finance but how would our society evolve if finance openly became a religion? Cristian Teodorescu tries to give us an answer in his short story “Big Bang Larissa”, which uses a light-hearted tone to develop a serious issue.

The story is narrated in the first person by Larissa’s mother, who suffers a crisis when her daughter starts asking about the nature and origin of the money and more. The woman doesn’t want to just answer with ready-made phrases derived from doctrine but when she tries to give her daughter more comprehensive explanations she enters a vicious circle that has a negative effect on her.

This woman’s attempts to teach her daughter, who at twenty can barely read or use a keyboard, the basics of finance, are used to describe a society in which certain elements of ours are taken to extremes. It’s no coincidence that it reminds of the Ferengi from the Star Trek saga, who represent an extreme version of capitalism. In “Big Bang Larissa”, however, the society has become a kind of matriarchy.

Sometimes parents get challenged by their children’s uncomfortable questions, Larissa’s questions cause various problems to her mother as well as difficulties to give answers that are comprehensive and at the same time understandable. In particular, when the mother’s answers are in contradiction with information Larissa received from some friend the explanations can become complicated.

The satire written by Cristian Teodorescu in “Big Bang Larissa” is explicit and in these cases the reader can assess which elements of the described society are extremes and which ones are all too similar to those existing in our society. It’s also available in an ebook edition on Amazon USA, Amazon UK and Amazon Canada.

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