The Walking Dead – Season 10, extra episodes

Lauren Cohan in 2013
Lauren Cohan in 2013

Warning. This review contains spoilers about the 10th season’s extra episodes of the TV show “The Walking Dead”!

On April 4 the 10th season’s extra episodes of the show “The Walking Dead” ended.

The episode “A Certain Doom” was supposed to be the 10th season finale of the TV show “The Walking Dead”. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, not only has it become a special episode broadcast six months after the previous ones but the producers decided to extend the season. In the period that the second part of a season of this show normally airs, six extra episodes aired.

The first of the extra episodes features the Reapers, a group that attacked some of Maggie’s friends (Lauren Cohan, photo ©Gage Skidmore). Maggie’s return is finally has a meaning, also because she discovers that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) got released. But in the end, we got the story of Negan and Lucille (Hilarie Burton) and Lucille. That can be a good thing because it allowed us to discover Negan’s evolution and Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed off his character changes in a big way, but the clash between Negan and Maggie is postponed.

The problem with these extra episodes is that they stretch the stories a lot even by the well-established standards of “The Walking Dead”. Of course, after seeing the new spinoff “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” it’s not surprising but it’s not surprising that the audience continues to drop either. In addition to Maggie’s story, the story of the group following Eugene was also important after they got captured by a group of soldiers dressed in a way that reminds of stormtroopers from “Star Wars”. Two episodes were enough, but others were shot following small groups of characters, probably to facilitate safe shooting.

The two episodes focusing on Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride, photo ©Gage Skidmore) seemed frankly useless: “Find Me” at least made me laugh a little to see the flashbacks showing the relationship between Daryl and Leah (Lynn Collins) but in “Diverged” the relationship between Daryl and Carol is developed in an extremely superficial way. The episode focusing on Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) has at least some tension thanks to the presence of a great Robert Patrick.

Melissa McBride
Melissa McBride

It’s understandable that the producers of a show with decreasing ratings didn’t want to skip a year but the result seemed negative to me. The production difficulties due to the pandemic affect all the TV shows but the results obtained in “The Walking Dead” seem to me the worst I’ve seen. We just have to wait until next season, hoping that it will be possible to return to a more or less normal production. It’s the only way to see serious developments in the various plots involving Negan and Maggie, the mysterious Reapers, and the “stormtroopers”.

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