Google confirmed that it bought over a thousand patents from IBM but details were not revealed. Some sources report that the patents bought are 1,029, according to other sources they’re 1,030, either way the amount paid by Google wasn’t disclosed. The important fact is that the acquired patents cover technologies related to hardware and in particular the production of microprocessors and memories but also Internet-related technologies.

Some Pleiades supercomputer racks (photo NASA)

At the International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, Germany, NASA has announced that its Pleiades supercomputer is now ranked seventh among the world’s most powerful computers. It has 182 racks for a total of 11,648 nodes, a total of 185 TByte of RAM, a total of 6.9 PByte mass storage and to run this supercomputer there’s the Linux operating system, specifically SuSE Linux.

Yesterday there was the official announcement of an agreement for Dell to acquire Compellent Technologies, Inc., supplier of virtualized and cloud computing storage solutions. Dell is buying Compellent shares at $27,75 each in cash for a total amount of about $960 millions.