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The Blood Cell by James Goss

The novel “The Blood Cell” by James Goss was published for the first time in 2014.

The Governor has the responsibility of running the Prison but for him, it is important to treat the prisoners in a humane way even if they are the worst criminals on his planet. Escape is impossible since the prison is located on an asteroid and yet one of the latest arrivals tries to escape.

The Governor tries to understand the reason for such meaningless behavior even when it is the most dangerous criminal of that space quadrant who puts it into action. When he interrogates him, Prisoner 428 tells him that he wants to help him and that many people will die if the Governor doesn’t listen to him. What appears to be a threat leaves the Governor more perplexed than irritated, certainly less irritated than by the fact that prisoner 428 still wants to be called Doctor.

The Grandfather Infestation by John Peel

The novel “The Grandfather Infestation” by John Peel was published for the first time in 2016.

Mary Wilde is the DJ of a pirate radio that broadcasts from a ship. When something hits the ship, she and the ship’s chief technician Alan try to save themselves but end up in an unknown place where robotic creatures order all the survivors of the shipwreck to work and kill anyone who disobeys.

Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart has recently taken command of the Fifth Operational Corps when he’s faced with a complex situation where he must figure out if his intervention is needed while handling the relations with the British Royal Navy. When a submarine searching for traces of the missing ship meets the same fate, he must investigate openly.

The Glamor Chase by Gary Russell

The novel “The Glamor Chase” by Gary Russell was published for the first time in 2010.

The WSS Exalted is attempting to run from its enemies but is damaged to the point that it’s losing its structural integrity. Most of the crew are in stasis and the only hope is to bury the ship on Earth. There, two men see the spaceship crash and wonder if it’s a gift from the gods.

Millennia later, some of the crew awaken and strange events begin in the area. Oliver Marks and his fiancée Daisy encounter strange aliens. Archaeologist Enola discovers the WSS Exalted during an excavation. When the Eleventh Doctor brings Amy and Rory into the area, they discover that not all of the inhabitants are what they seem and even a ball of wool can be out of the ordinary.

Curse of the Mirror Clowns by Chris Lynch

The novel “Curse of the Mirror Clowns” by Chris Lynch was published for the first time in 2018.

Lucy Wilson is getting used to living in a small village like Ogmore-by-Sea but even in an apparently remote place, there seem to be strange events. Lucy took inspiration more than ever from her grandfather Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart by taking on the role of Defender of the Earth alongside her friend Hobo.

When a circus puts on a special show for one night only, Lucy doesn’t seem interested but soon the clowns show sinister and alien characteristics. Help comes from another alien, and it’s important because the clowns are looking for her.

Beautiful Chaos by Gary Russell

The novel “Beautiful Chaos” by Gary Russell was published for the first time in 2008.

The Tenth Doctor brings Donna Noble back to her home to allow her to spend time with her family on the anniversary of her father’s death. The atmosphere Donna finds is darker than she expected, mostly because of her mother. Her grandfather has a special friend who suffers from Alzheimer’s but he’s the one who offers some light by announcing that he discovered a new star who will be named after him.

Wilf invites the Doctor to the ceremony where the new star’s name will be officially announced but some oddities worry the Doctor. A decidedly out-of-the-ordinary star can only bring trouble, and what’s the goal of people who, in various parts of the world, are working for a mysterious force?