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Ghosts of India by Mark Morris

The novel “Ghosts of India” by Mark Morris was published for the first time in 2008.

When Donna feels a great craving for curry, the Tenth Doctor decides to take her to India, to a very special restaurant. Upon arrival, he realizes that the year is not the scheduled one but 1947. The restaurant sought by the Doctor was destroyed during the riots caused by the divisions within the Indian population.

The Doctor and Donna are also in danger of being involved in the chaos that hit India. As if that weren’t enough, many people in Calcutta seem to be suffering from a strange disease and others disappear. The Doctor realizes that there’s an alien presence behind those strange events and the danger could even concern Gandhi, with incalculable repercussions on the future of India.

The Laughing Gnome - Scary Monsters by Simon A. Forward

The novel “The Laughing Gnome – Scary Monsters” by Simon A. Forward was published for the first time in 2018.

1981. In London, Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is in a pub during an attack and he too is wounded. However, a few hours later, no traces of damage are found in the pub and the testimonies regarding the possible perpetrators are very different with Lethbridge-Stewart being the only one to have seen a mysterious woman with red hair. His state of mind is made more complex by a strange connection with the 2011 Lethbridge-Stewart.

In Moscow, Major Grigoriy Bugayev leads an assault group to free the passengers of a hijacked airplane. Over the next few hours, what he and his men remember and the physical evidence tell very different stories about the events. Bugayev also has to handle the oversight of KGB agents.

Bernard Cribbins in OldJack's Boat

Actor Bernard Cribbins passed away, a piece of news confirmed by his agent, who mentioned July 27 as the date of his death while some newspapers reported July 28 as the date of his death. No information was disclosed on the reason for his death.

Bernard Joseph Cribbins was born on December 29, 1928, in Oldham, Lancashire, England. At 13 he dropped out of school and started working at a local theater as an assistant stage manager but also got small roles as an actor. Subsequently, he became an apprentice at the Oldham Repertory Theater.

Bernard Cribbins was especially appreciated as a comedian but over the course of his long career he showed his versatility with various roles of different types. He worked until the end acting again in an “Doctor Who” episode which will be broadcast in 2023: the various celebrations, which include the 100th anniversary of the BBC and the 60th anniversary of the saga, will certainly have one added for Bernard Cribbins.

The Bandril Invasion by Wink Taylor

The novel “The Bandril Invasion” by Wink Taylor was published for the first time in 2019.

Billy Bandril is the TV star of the moment and his show has huge ratings. Even Lucy Wilson finds it very funny and always watches it, although she is embarrassed to admit it to Hobo, who considers it very mundane and doesn’t like the influence it has on the audience.

Almost by accident, Lucy Wilson participates in a casting for Billy Bandril’s show and is selected. The team that is supposed to write the scripts seems inept, so Lucy has to come up with her own ideas of what to tell on television and she decides to focus on the stories that her grandfather Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart told her.

The Man From Yesterday by Nick Walters

The novel “The Man From Yesterday” by Nick Walters was published for the first time in 2018.

Anne Travers, with the assistance of Lt. Bill Bishop, is investigating strange sightings of pink lightning reported in the Norfolk area. Some locals also mention the presence of strange beings with elven features. There’s something strange and the investigation continues to understand what’s behind it.

An airplane lands, an old model used during World War II. The elderly pilot looks rather confused even though he’s aware of where he landed. He remembers going on a war mission and that his name is Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. General Gore also discovers his arrival and prepares his plans.