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An illustration of SeqScreen's workflow (A) and the machine learning training framework (B)

An article published in the journal “Genome Biology” reports the results of tests conducted with SeqScreen, a free / open source software developed to recognize genetic sequences existing in pathogenic microorganisms. A team of researchers led by computer scientist Todd Treangen of Rice University and genomics specialist Krista Ternus of the scientific consultancy firm Signature Science, LLC developed SeqScreen to analyze the characteristics of short DNA sequences often called oligonucleotides and improve the recognition techniques of sequences present in a sample that are at least potentially dangerous.

Some cabinets of the Frontier supercomputer (Photo courtesy Carlos Jones/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy)

The American Frontier supercomputer has been crowned the new king of the Top 500 ranking. It has a speed that is more than twice that of the Japanese Fugaku, the previous king. This is the first exascale supercomputer, which means that it’s capable of exceeding the calculation capacity of 1 exaflop with 10^18 floating point operations per second. Frontier reaches 1.102 exaflops per second.

Hock E. Tan (Photo courtesy Broadcom)

Semiconductor giant Broadcom Inc. announced that it has reached an agreement to buy virtualization and cloud software maker VMware in a deal worth approximately $61 billion that will be paid partly in cash and partly in shares. Broadcom takes over VMware’s debts, which amount to approximately $8 billion. Broadcom Software Group, the software subsidiary, will be integrated into VMware. With this acquisition, Broadcom can extend its business solutions offering.

Kevin Mandia in 2016 (Photo United States Naval Academy)

Google announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Mandiant Inc., a leader in the field of cybersecurity, paying $23 per share for a total of approximately $5.4 billion. The company will become part of Google Cloud adding Mandiant’s security services to increase customer protection at a time when cyberattacks are more numerous than ever. Recently, there were various acquisition rumors regarding the company founded by Kevin Mandia, also by Microsoft, but it eventually became part of the Google family.

Rene Haas

The leading graphics processor company NVIDIA and the Japanese telecommunications holding SoftBank Group Corp. have reached an agreement to end the deal to acquire the British microprocessor company Arm Ltd. that was reached in September 2020. Negative or at least concerned opinions expressed repeatedly over time by the USA, UK, and EU antitrust authorities resulted in NVIDIA’s inability to proceed with the acquisition. Arm CEO Simon Segars resigned and was replaced by Rene Haas, who was already the company’s president. The new plan consists of an IPO for Arm, perhaps at the London stock exchange.