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Peter Straub in 2009

The news arrived of the death of writer Peter Straub, which happened on September 4. According to the information that emerged, his death occurred due to complications that followed a hip fracture.

Over the course of decades of his career, Peter Straub has received ten Bram Stoker Awards for his works including novels, stories fiction, anthologies, and a special career award in 2005. He also received three World Fantasy Awards for his works and one for his career, a Special Award from the International Horror Guild as a Living Legend in 2005, and the World Horror Grandmaster Award in 1997.

The news of Peter Straub’s death was given by his daughter Emma. It was followed by a comment by Stephen King, who reminded his colleague and friend. Many more words of esteem have come from colleagues, critics, and fans who appreciated his works for decades.

Darker Than You Think by Jack Williamson

The novel “Darker Than You Think” by Jack Williamson was published for the first time in 1948, an extended version of a novelette published in 1940.

Will Barbee is a reporter who goes to witness the return of a group of scientists from Mongolia, where they studied the alleged ability of some people to transform into animals. His interest is not only professional because the expedition is led by one of his former university professors and he knows the other members as well.

At the airport, Will Barbee meets April Bell, a young fellow journalist for whom he feels attraction but at the same time finds that there’s something strange about her, also because she manifests hostility towards the members of the expedition. When the leader of the expedition suddenly dies before revealing his discoveries, Will feels there’s something really strange going on and April seems involved.

The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin

The novel “The Stone Sky” by N. K. Jemisin was published for the first time in 2017. It’s the third book in The Broken Earth trilogy and follows “The Obelisk Gate”. It won the Hugo Award, Nebula Award, and Locus Award in the fantasy category as the best novel of the year.

Essun has awakened from the coma-like state she had fallen into and must deal with the aftermath of the events, what she did, and the powerful magic connected to the Obelisk Gate. She recovers but the Moon is approaching and will soon reach the closest point to Father Earth, a moment when Essun can try to bring it back into its ancient orbit. To do this, she has to go to Corepoint, on the other side of the world, and the stone eater Hoa offers to transport her across the planet.

Nassun showed that she has enormous power despite being just a little girl. She has her own idea of ​​what to do with the Moon and she decides to go to Corepoint to try to carry out her plan together with her Guardian Schaffa. Mother and daughter have different ideas on how to end the Fifth Seasons, a further complication in plans that require them to manage immense powers.

Ivan Reitman in 2018

The news came of the death of director and producer Ivan Reitman (photo ©GabboT), which happened on Saturday, February 12, 2022. The causes of death were not disclosed and the family simply explained that he died in his sleep.

Ivan Reitman was born on October 27, 1946, in Komárno, in then Czechoslovakia, to a Hungarian Jewish family. His mother was an Auschwitz survivor while his father fought in the resistance to Nazism. In 1951, his family moved to Canada.

Ivan Reitman directed and produced movies of various genres but will be remembered above all for his comedies that were never dull and became part of the history of cinema and remained in the hearts of the audience.

The DrugTech trilogy by Marcel Sahade

The anthology “DrugTech – The Final Dose” by Marcel Sahade was published for the first time in 2021. It’s the third book in the DrugTech trilogy and follows “DrugTech – The Deep State Deepens”.

DrugTech seems untouchable yet there are people who believe they have the means to break the power it has accumulated. In this clash of powers that can also include mystical ones, a crucial step would be to obtain the acquittal of a man on trial.

The Battle of Lepanto is about to decide whether the Holy League formed by the European powers will succeed in preventing the Ottoman Empire from obtaining total dominion of the Mediterranean Sea. Müezzinzade Ali Pasha, at the command of the Ottoman fleet, is convinced he can get an easy victory but in the Christian fleet, the commander Don John of Austria isn’t the only one who has some tricks up his sleeve.