Deron Williams goes to the New Jersey Nets, Devin Harris to the Utah Jazz

Deron Williams
Deron Williams

Rumors had already started to arrive yesterday and during the American day confirmation came: Utah Jazz guard Deron William was traded to the New Jersey Nets in exchange for guard Devin Harris, forward Derrick Favors and two first future picks of which one is conditioned by its position in the draft.

The New Jersey Nets have failed in getting Carmelo Anthony but have found what is potentially a good consolation prize in Deron Williams.

Less than two weeks have passed since the shocking resignation by Jerry Sloan, who’s been the Utah Jazz coach for more than twenty years: Deron Williams was indicated by some people as responsible for this decision because of his quarrels with Sloan and the team’s future was uncertain. What is certain is that Deron Williams was unhappy and he’ll become a free agent next year so it’s no surprise that the Utah Jazz have decided to use him as a bargaining chip to obtain not only players but also picks to rebuild the team.

Devin Harris is certainly an excellent player but he was playing in a team that wasn’t going anywhere. Now we’ll see at what level he will be able to play in a team that had a distinct identity but within a couple of weeks has changed its most important men.

Right now Deron Williams is certainly a better player than Devin Harris, we’ll see if the New Jersey Nets will succed in building an adequate team around him. The team’s owner is ambitious but that might not be enough.

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This trade is of the type whose result will be really seen in long term, also considering the next market moves and the picks, especially for the Utah Jazz as they’ll have various ones in the coming years. There’s a chance that this trade will prove successful for both teams if the new players but also their managers will be able to properly take advantage of the opportunities they created.

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