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Skyflash by Lee Gimenez

The novel “Skyflash” by Lee Gimenez was published for the first time in 2015. It’s part of the J.T. Ryan series.

The brutal murder of the Georgia governor’s wife is a high-profile case and FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch needs any help to solve it quickly, especially because the FBI director is trying to get rid of her. For this reason, she hires J.T. Ryan, who can operate outside the normal rules that law enforcement must respect.

The discovery of a new drug called Skyflash opens up disturbing scenarios because it ensures its users a period of increased physical strength and mental clarity but subsequently tends to cause fits of violence. When even J.T. Ryan’s girlfriend gets almost killed by a man in the throes of one of these fits, the private investigator is more motivated than ever to find out who’s behind Skyflash.

Gravity by Tess Gerritsen

The novel “Gravity” by Tess Gerritsen was published for the first time in 1999.

When a scientific experiment involving a species of archaea conducted on the International Space Station seems to fail, the directive given is to incinerate everything. That seems like the end of it, also because the Station doctor is rushed back to Earth when his wife is the victim of an accident.

Emma Watson is training within the Station’s regular crew rotation and being sent there ahead of schedule seems like a dream come true despite the tragic circumstances. However, when Japanese astronaut Kenichi Hirai starts feeling ill showing symptoms that are difficult to diagnose, the dream begins to turn into a nightmare.

Two Against the Underworld guidebook by Richard McGinlay, Alan Hayes, and Alys Hayes

The “Two Against the Underworld” guidebook by Richard McGinlay, Alan Hayes, and Alys Hayes was published for the first time in 2015 and in a revised edition in 2017.

“The Avengers” is a show that made television history yet its origins are in some ways obscure, above all, because series 1 was almost completely lost. The authors did a considerable amount of research based on the source material and various sources to try to offer as complete a guide as possible to the creation of the show and the production of series 1, the reason for the subtitle “The Complete Unauthorized Guide to The Avengers Series 1”.

Killing West by Lee Gimenez

The novel “Killing West” by Lee Gimenez was published for the first time in 2014. It’s part of the Rachel West series.

Rachel West is a CIA operative investigating Chinese billionaire Zhao Deng’s acquisitions of American technology companies. However, her mission to China ends with the man’s death at the hands of one of his bodyguards, an event that indicates that someone else must be behind him.

The information she gathered brings Rachel West far from China in search of the person, or persons behind acquisitions whose purposes are still obscure. Investigating becomes even more difficult when strong suspicions emerge that someone in the CIA is working against her.

The Washington Ultimatum by Lee Gimenez

The novel “The Washington Ultimatum” by Lee Gimenez was published for the first time in 2013. It’s part of the J.T. Ryan series.

When a dirty bomb explodes in Honolulu, Hawaii, causing thousands of deaths, the FBI’s top priority is finding the perpetrators. FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch hires J.T. Ryan, a private investigator with a past in Special Forces who has experience in dealing with criminals of all kinds and can operate unofficially anywhere.

Angel Stone is an ex-CIA agent with a grudge against her government. Forcing them to give her a lot of money would make a handsome payback, so she worked with other people interested in striking at the USA or just in good money to build dirty bombs. After the Honolulu attack, she demands a one billion dollar payment to stop her attacks. Can J.T. Ryan find her and her accomplices and stop them in time?