Doctor Who – towards the Anniversary – the Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who - The Sontaran Games
Doctor Who – The Sontaran Games

On November 23, 2013 there will be the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who”. To celebrate this important moment let’s go over the Doctor’s history again. This article remembers the Tenth Doctor.

Played by David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor takes a while to recover from the regeneration. As the Fifth Doctor, he collapses, for a while is in a semi-comatose state and is helped by Rose, who is in shock after seeing the Ninth Doctor transform before her eyes.

The Tenth Doctor goes through various stages in which apparently recovers then collapses again. When he’s really back, he faces the Sycorax who are trying to invade Earth, loses a hand in a duel with their leader but it grows back almost immediately because less he’s within 15 hours from the regeneration.

Hyperactive, the Tenth Doctor often overwhelms with his talks his companions but also his enemies, led to underestimate him by his seemingly rambling speeches. His attitude is generally cheerful but there’s still a dark side that comes out especially when he’s ruthless against those who committed crimes against innocent people.

After recovering from the regeneration, the Tenth Doctor resumes his traveling with Rose. On one occasion, he meets Queen Victoria in an adventure that has results in the founding of Torchwood. During an investigation of strange activities that take place on Earth in a school of the present, he meets again Sarah Jane Smith and the K-9 version the Fourth Doctor had sent her as a gift. The first appearance of Sarah Jane in the new “Doctor Who” series also helps to prepare the ground for the spin-off “The Sarah Jane Adventures“.

Subsequently, the Tenth Doctor invites Mickey to join him and Rose and for a while the three of them travel together. The Doctor and Rose, however, have become closer and Mickey decides to stay in a parallel universe where the Tardis had been sucked. When he returns from that universe, it’s because of an attempted invasion by the Cybermen created there and at the end of that adventure it’s Rose, along with her ​​mother Jackie, who remain there.

The Tenth Doctor doesn’t even have time to recover from his separation from Rose that he meets for the first time Donna Noble. Shortly after, he meets Martha Jones, who becomes his companion. After various adventures, the Doctor is found by Jack Harkness and the three of them must face the Master in a fight for the future of the Earth.

Martha decides to leave the Tenth Doctor, who meets Donna Noble again during an investigation into the strange activities of an Earth’s company and this time she decides to travel with him. During a Sontaran invasion attempt, the Doctor meets Martha again and briefly she travels with them. It’s in the course of the adventure that Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter, is created. Shortly after, the Doctor meets for the first time, from his point of view, River Song (Alex Kingston).

The return of Rose from the parallel universe is due to the terrible threat of Davros and the Daleks. the Doctor, with the help of Jack Harkness and Sarah Jane Smith, can stop it but  Donna pays the price and to save her the Doctor has to wipe her memory of him.

For some time, the Tenth Doctor travels alone, but it’s in those moments that he particularly suffer from loneliness. In this period he meets Jackson Lake, whose memory was altered so he thinks he’s the Doctor, his companion Rosita, then takes a trip with Christina de Souza, whose hobby is being a thief. In a trip to Mars his dark side emerges and he even tries to change the timeline. That’s what can happen when the Doctor is on his own.

When the Tenth Doctor discovers that the Master is back to life, he must face him again. He defeats his old enemy again but to save Wilfred, Donna’s grandfather, is struck by a lethal dose of radiation. It’s the end of his era.


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