May 23, 2023

Masada's Gate by David Bruns and Chris Pourteau

The novel “Masada’s Gate” by David Bruns and Chris Pourteau was published for the first time in 2019. It’s the fifth book in The SynCorp Saga series and follows “Valhalla Station”. It’s also the second book in the Empire Earth trilogy.

Ruben Qinlao and Tony Taulke have landed on the Moon but it’s not easy to hide from Cassandra’s revolutionary soldiers even though Ruben spent a lot of time there. Time plays against them because, in the inner solar system, SynCorp’s power seems to have fallen everywhere. Kwazi Jabari, labeled the hero of Mars, becomes the face of the revolution against SynCorp.

Titan represents one of SynCorp’s last great strongholds, and Masada, a space station orbiting that moon, offers the means that make a stand against the enemy possible. Stacks Fischer is sent to help protect SynCorp’s technological secrets held on Masada but what can he do about the cyberwarfare that uses artificial intelligence to penetrate the station systems?