Earn cryptocurrency in many ways!

Earn cryptocurrency in many ways!
Note. This page is not meant as financial advice. I just put together suggestions for services connected to cryptocurrency I personally tried and helped me earn some money. Always be careful where you put your money!

There are various ways to earn cryptocurrency that require diverse degrees of commitment and have different degrees of risk. There are companies that offer investment opportunities for people looking for a passive income and there are platforms that offer ways to earn money through actions such as the use of faucets, participation in surveys, trying apps and other services. Some platforms offer bonuses for registering and for doing certain tasks that can go from depositing cryptocurrency to trading.

If you’re ready to invest some of your time and study your opportunities, you can learn how to contain your risk and earn money.

Passive income platforms

Passive income platforms offer opportunities close to “classic” financial investments with profits coming from the money you deposit. There’s always risk involved in this kind of platform!


D.AI.SY is a crowdfunding smart contract that evolved in time to offer income to every member through a decentralized A.I. system that works on Forex and cryptocurrency. It works on the Tron blockchain, so the use of TronLink wallet is recommended. You can choose different levels of investment: you start with $200 – $100 for Forex and $100 for cryptocurrency – you pay in USDT. Note that you start a multiple smart contract that requires a lot of energy: I ended up paying about 650 TRX but the amount can vary depending on the value of the TRX cryptocurrency and other variables, so be prepared! Sign-up here!


Terminal7 is a cross-chain trading terminal system for DEX and CEX that works 24/7. Technical analysis, portfolio management, and trading strategy automation — are all available in one place. You have various investment possibilities from a quick investment that requires at least 50 USDT to other options that might require thousands of USDT. Sign-up here!


BitSports is an AI-driven arbitrage platform that works in the sports market and identifies real-time opportunities in a rapidly evolving field. The investment starts from 10 USDT. Note that this is a new service that currently is paying but has to prove that it can go on for a long time. Sign-up here!


BlackFort is a blockchain platform that aims to manage digital assets more securely and efficiently. You can buy BlackFort’s validator nodes and earn from rewards connected to your nodes for 10 years, life-long commissions from blockchain transactions, referral commissions, and even more if the BXN cryptocurrency’s value increases. Note that the investment and the profits you can earn from it depend on the value of the node(s) you buy. Sign-up here!

Trading / exchange platforms

Trading / exchange platforms offer opportunities to conduct different types of operations with cryptocurrency. Bonus opportunities vary over time, so you should check them often and register for their newsletter if they have one.


Binance is one of the biggest and most complete cryptocurrency trading platforms. Check the various possibilities concerning investments and bonuses. Sign-up here!


Bitpanda is one of the biggest and most complete trading platforms, as it’s a European Broker for stocks, cryptocurrency, indices, ETFs, and precious metals. Sign-up here!


eToro is a trading platform that enables its client to trade cryptocurrency, shares, and much more at the same time. Sign-up here!


Coinbase is one of the most important cryptocurrency exchange platforms. If you register through this link and buy the equivalent of $100 in cryptocurrency you can get $10 in Bitcoin. If you get accepted into the Coinbase Learn program, you can earn cryptocurrency by watching educational videos. Sign-up here!

Banks that handle cryptocurrency

Some bank accounts handle cryptocurrency as well. In those cases, you need to check the fees you pay to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency and the other way around, which cryptocurrency they handle, and other limitations in cryptocurrency operations.


Bison is a German bank powered by Börse Stuttgart that handles Euros and several cryptocurrencies enabling their customers to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. Note that the identification is made through a video call with an operator who can speak either German or English. Sign-up here!


Hype is a bank account that offers different options with different services, so check them, with their costs, to make your choice. It also offers the possibility, to buy, sell, and exchange Bitcoin. Note: I had to use Chrome for the verification phase because Firefox didn’t work properly with Hype website’s procedure. Sign-up here!


Faucets are websites that give cryptocurrency away. Those are scraps but most of those websites offer other opportunities to make money. Probably, more than 90% of people gives up after seeing those scraps. Will you be among the minority who checks the real opportunities to earn money from those websites?


If you want to take full advantage of faucets, FaucetPay is a must. It’s a wallet made specifically to receive instant cryptocurrency payments from thousands of websites and withdraw to your personal wallet for a very low fee. Sign-up here!

Larvel Faucet

Larvel Faucet offers various opportunities to make some money. The actual faucet is the easiest but it’s also the poorest. It enables you to access a number of agencies that offer participation in surveys and trying apps and other services. You can invest the token you earn in a mining game that enables you to increase your earnings significantly. You can convert the token you earn into cryptocurrency and then send it to your wallet, including FaucetPay. Sign-up here!


FreeBitcoin is a faucet that also offers various ways to earn Bitcoin. By subscribing to their newsletter, you can obtain daily free wheel of fortune spins with opportunities to win a prize. Sign-up here!


PipeFlare offers free ZEC, MATIC, and 1FLR with possibilities to stake them and earn more by playing games. Sign-up here!


TronPick is a faucet that offers free Tron with the possibility to earn more by participating in surveys and trying apps and other services. Sign-up here!


LitePick is a faucet that offers free Litecoin with the possibility to earn more by participating in surveys and trying apps and other services. Sign-up here!


TrustDice’s faucet is different from the others because it’s offered by an online casino / sports betting website. Gambling for fun is OK but do it responsibly! Sign-up here!


GraB.TC is a faucet that has the highest number of offers to earn cryptocurrency. It supports withdrawals through FaucetPay. Sign-up here!

“Cryptocurrency Risk Management: A guide for family wealth managers” is a manual written by a man who’s been into cryptocurrency for several years. It offers very practical suggestions about cryptocurrency investments that cover the pros and cons of each possibility and other tips to maximize your chances to make money and minimize the risks.