Another blog? Oh no!

Some years ago there was a moment when it seemed that everyone had to have their own blogs: to me that was a reason not to open one. Besides at the time I had neither the time nor the willingness to write regularly and the idea to have yet another agonizing blog pushed me away from that idea more than ever.

In time things change and life leads us to unexpected directions. An increasing activity on social media led me first to write blogs on social network ecademy then on some other sites and this, together with other important changes in my activity, left me with more time and willingness to write about technologies, sports and occasionally other subjects. When I decide to do something I do it seriously so instead of opening a blog on a site that offers free space to do it I decideded to open a new site so I can improve my knowledge of WordPress and also experiment with adverts.

I’m not interested in fancy special effects so I selected a WordPress theme that’s nice and flexible but sober and unfortunately for you who arrived on this site here’s my blog. 😉

Actually I’ve been writing since I was a child and typed science fiction stories on a mechanical typing machine. Years after thanks to a computer I was able to edit the texts I wrote. The move to the Internet was natural though due to my job there were periods when I wrote regularly and other when I wrote nothing.

It’s not my intention to write ten blogs every day, especially articles just a few lines long written just to plublish some thoughs in liberty and just to have my site always updated: my intention is to write when I feel I have a subject to comment about with a certain depth, with no periodicity.

Though this site will be mainly dedicated to my blog the About page includes the links to the various accounts I have on various social media to help anyone wanted to follow me and/or contact me: I’m an open networker so contact requests on social networks are welcome. I also added the forums where I’m more or less active: that’s the place where my alias NetMassimo was created and now it gave the name to this site.

If this introduction didn’t scare you you can come back to this site to read my next blogs I’m going to write in time and/or subscrice to the blog’s feed to keep updated on new blogs.

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