Kim Clijsters wins U.S. Open again

Kim Clijsters fairy tale at the U.S. Open goes on with her third straight title (she skipped 2006, 2007 and 2008 tournaments due to an injury and her retirement) with her easiest tryumph over Vera Zvonareva, crushed in a little less than an hour with an easy 6-2 6-1.

It’s not easy to comment such a quick final. The russian player tried to win, at least during the first set but Clijsters played really a terrifi tennis and when Zvonareva got broken for the first time probably panic started rising because since then she won one game only and at the beginning of second set she broke a racket smashing it on the court, a clear symptom of an upcoming nerve crisis. At that point it was even easier for the belgian player to win avanging the matches lost to the russian during the last months, particularly the one in Wimbledon.

Zvonareva has been struggling for years against her frail nerves and she seemed to slowly be able to control herself better and better: thanks to this greater maturity she reached the final in Wimbledon (in both single and women double tournaments) and at the U.S. Open but the defeats she had to bear in these occasions showed that she’s still just one step from falling back into her old bad habits.

The match statistics say it all about Zvonareva: she won less than half of the points she played on her first serve, just above a third of the points she played on her second serve, 6 winners against 24 unforced errors. Definitely a performance far from the brilliant one we admired just last Friday in her semifinal vs. Wozniacki.

For Kim Clijsters this was a repeat of last year’s victory celebrated with her husband and her daughter. The belgian player showed once more that the U.S. Open are her tournament, now her goal is to win at least one of the other Grand Slam tournaments to show even more that she’s one of the gratest players of this time and a light in a period not particularly shining for women tennis.

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