Doctor Who: the extras for the DVDs “The Ark” and “The Mutants”

The Doctor Who Magazine confirmed the extras that will be included in the edition of two classic Doctor Who series adventures that will be published on DVD in early 2011.

The Ark

After materializing in what looks like an Earth jungle the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo realize that things are not as they look: the sky’s of steel and the jungle is just a huge greenhouse in a starship that’s making the most important trip in humanity’s history. The threat of a catastrophic solar explosion forced human beings to start a multi-century trip to save not only themselves but also the other Earth species.

The extras will be:

  • commentary by Peter Purves (Steven), Michael Imison (director)
  • All’s Well That Ends Well, a feature on the influence of writer H.G. Wells on the series
  • One Hit Wonder, on what makes a successful monster
  • Riverside Story, touring old production haunt Riverside Studios

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The Mutants

What’s happening to the people of Solos? Why are they turning into monsters? The Third Doctor and Jo Grant find themselves involved in the events of a colony that wants independence from the Earth empire among intrigues, murders and other dangers.

The extras for this adventure in a two-discs edition will be:

  • commentary by Katy Manning (Jo), Garrick Hagon (Ky), Christopher Barry (director), Terrance Dicks (script editor), Bob Baker (co-writer), Jeremy Bear (designer), Broan Hodgson (special sound)
  • Mutt Mad, a documentary on the making of the story
  • Race Against Time, examining the representation of black actors on British television
  • Dressing Doctor Who, A discussion with James Acheson on his work in Doctor Who
  • Blue Peter, an item featuring Peter Purves on Doctor Who monsters

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