Happy birthday David Gerrold!

David Gerrold at DragonCon 2010
David Gerrold at DragonCon 2010

Jerrold David Friedman (photo ©Kyle Nishioka), that’s his real name, was born on January 24, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

In 1966, after watching the “Star Trek” premiere, David Gerrold wrote the first of a series of stories and submitted it to the show’s production. It was rejected but the producer realized the young author’s talent and invited him to submit other ideas, hence the subsequent stories. In the end, they produced what became the episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”, one of the most famous in the original series, so much that part of it was used in the “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” episode “Trials and Tribble – ations”.

After that, David Gerrold started writing literature as well, starting with the novel “The Flying Sorcerers” (1971), written in collaboration with Larry Niven. In 1972, he published the novels written on his own “The Space Skimmer” and “When Harlie Was One”.

In 1972, David Gerrold has also started the Star Wolf series, in which he sets adventures in many ways inspired by “Star Trek” publishing the novel “Yesterday’s Children”, republished in 1985 in a revised version with the title “Starhunt”. The other novels of the series are: “The Voyage of the Star Wolf” (1991), “The Middle of Nowhere” (1995), and “Blood and Fire” (2004).

In the ’70s and ’80s David Gerrold kept on writing novels but also scripts for various TV shows such as the “Star Trek” animated series, “Land of the Lost”, “The Biskitts” and the new version of “The Twilight Zone”.

In 1983, David Gerrold published the first novel in the series of the War against the Chtorr, “A Matter for Men”. The classic theme of the invasion is treated in an original way since the Earth is under a biological attack by an alien ecosystem that starts out-competing the native one. The sequels published so far are: “A Day for Damnation” (1984), “A Rage for Revenge” (1987), and “A Season for Slaughter” (1991). Other novels have been planned for some time but have never been published.

David Gerrold had already been inspired by Robert A. Heinlein, even more so in the Dingilliad series, consisting of the novels: “Jumping Off the Planet” (2000), “Bouncing Off the Moon” (2001), and “Leaping to the Stars” (2002). Some clues bind this cycle to the universe of the War against the Chtorr.

Starting in the ’90s, David Gerrold has reduced his activity as a screenwriter but he kept writing occasionally for TV shows such as “Babylon 5“, “Sliders” and in recent years for productions connected to Star Trek such as “Star Trek: New Voyages”.

David Gerrold’s novelette “The Martian Child” (1994), winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus awards, was expanded into a novel in 2002 and adapted into a movie released in 2007.

In recent years, David Gerrold reduced his literary activity too. Let’s hope that at least he’ll conclude the series of the Sar against the Chtorr!

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