Google has announced it’s closing Google+

Vic Gundotra
Vic Gundotra

Google has announced it’s closing its social network Google+ to consumers to remain open to enterprise users. The transformation will take place in 10 months, giving users time to make a copy of their messages. The news was provided along with the revelation of a security problem that left the data of many users visible to anyone who could exploit it.

Opened in June 2011, Google+ is considered essentially a creature of Vic Gundotra (photo ©Jolie O’Dell), who managed to make the new social center the center of the Google’s ecosystem. His moves were also the subject of controversy because according to many people he tried to force users to use Google+ but certainly initially there was a growth and new features.

Many users were just looking for their friends and immediately left Google+ when they couldn’t find them but people interested in exploring a new environment liked the new social network. The concept of circles allowed us to find new interesting people to follow because circles could be shared, a key to the growth for Google+ for a long time. The addition of collections and communities helped users to further improve their use of the social network despite changes in the interface.

When Vic Gundotra left Google in April 2014, the situation changed. Google kept on developing some of Google+’s features by making them independent such as Hangouts and Photos. Many active users kept on using the social network but the impression is that Google’s interest dropped significantly. The elimination of circle-sharing was a blow to the possibility of finding interesting people.

The revelation of a security problem in Google+ is the latest about a social network but Google chose not to disclose it for months and this will lead not only to controversy for a long time but there could be legal consequences. For the moment, it seems the excuse found by Google to close its social network for the disappointment of the many who still found the engagement much better than in other social networks.

The news is bitter also thinking about the problems of Facebook, which seems to me to be working worse and worse, also in the quality of engagement. This was the perfect time to try to attract new users but Google’s marketing should be studied to learn how not to promote a product.

Google+ users are already discussing which is the best alternative but at least there’s time to decide. I don’t know if companies will be interested in the social network after it will be closed to consumers and they’ll have to see if Google will offer useful tools. The unreliability shown by the company, with continuous changes of plans, is not promising.

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