R.I.P. Terrance Dicks

Doctor Who - The War Games
Doctor Who – The War Games

The news arrived that the writer and screenwriter Terrance Dicks died on August 29. No details were provided on his death, official statements indicate only that he suffered a brief illness.

Terrance Dicks was born on April 14, 1935 in East Ham. His first job was in the advertising field but he gradually started working part time as a screenwriter of BBC radio programs. In 1962 he started working for television writing some screenplays for the TV show “The Avengers” together with his colleague Malcolm Hulke.

In 1968 Terrance Dicks was hired as an assistant script editor of the TV show “Doctor Who” marking the beginning of a collaboration that, in one way or another, continued practically until the end of his life. In fact, in the following years he was for a few years the show’s script editor and then continued to collaborate several times with his scripts. When the publication of the adventures of the classic series’ novelizations began, Dicks became its main author. After the end of the classic series he also wrote original novels connected to it and his latest novels are connected to the new series. His works also include stage play adaptations for two classic serials and some audio adventures for Big Finish. Among the novelizations there’s also the one of the special episode “Invasion of the Bane” that begins “The Sarah Jane Adventures”.

Over the years, Terrance Dicks also worked on other TV shows. He was also among the creators of the show “Moonbase 3”, broadcast in 1973. He was among the writers of the soap opera “Crossroads” and wrote an episode of the show “Space: 1999”.

Made of Steel by Terrance Dicks
Made of Steel by Terrance Dicks

Terrance Dicks’s literary production also includes novels for children and teenagers. An inspiration to Sherlock Holmes’s stories led him to write 10 novels of the series “The Baker Street Irregulars”. In addition to the novels, he also wrote some educational textbooks for children.

Terrance Dicks is survived by his wife and their three sons. The condolences for his death were remarkable among people connected to the production of “Doctor Who”. He’s been part of the great family of this saga for over 50 years and he made a notable contribution to it especially during the classic series era and helping to keep it alive after its cancellation.

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