Google Glass is coming back as Glass Enterprise Edition

Glass Enterprise Edition (Image courtesy Google)
Glass Enterprise Edition (Image courtesy Google)

During this week a new launch of the augmented reality glasses originally called Google Glass. Announced for the first time in April 2012, after a test phase they seemed to be one of the biggest flops in the field of technology. The new version, however, is called the Glass Enterprise Edition, in fact it’s a business product that can be useful in environments where information is sought while your hands are busy without interrupting your work can be a big help.

When Google announced the first version of Google Glass, the idea was to propose them to the general public after a test phase limited to a small group of people. After a period in which it seemed that they could start a new fashion, skepticism grew so much that after a couple of years the project seemed to have sunk. In fact, Google never canceled it, on the contraty it seemed that already in those years within the company someone thought that it was a product more suitable for business users and occasionally there were rumors about new announcements.

For a long time there was no news about Google Glass, fueling the impression that the project got canceled. Meanwhile, there have been various technological advances and the product development continued, so much that the look remained very similar to the original one but hardware and software are significantly better. In practice, this means longer battery life and better functionalities for a greater user comfort.

Now the development of this product is run by X, one of the divisions of the Alphabet holding, of which Google is part as well. This is why Google’s name disappeared from the product’s. On the X blog, several companies are mentioned that are interested in the new Glass Enterprise Edition. They operate in very different fields but in all cases they have employees who can work better if equipped with augmented reality devices.

There are many occasions where it’s helpful to consult a text, which can be a manual or a simple list, without interrupting the work being carried out. Companies and professionals working in different fields may have such needs and a couple of augmented reality glasses can satisfy them very well. This potential was seen during the test program called Explorer, now it can be fulfilled.

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